Dawn & Meridian of New Hampshire

"My husband and I are retired. We not only had dogs our entire married life, 46 glorious years, but have had several breeds over the years. Never have we experienced a breeder as honest, conscientious, and loyal to her breed as Melissa Rosa. It is critical to be an educated buyer due to the health issues inherent in the breed. Health clearances are critical to prevent a broken heart. Meridian, our Dagobah Doberman, is beautifully put together, allowing us to pursue any physical activity we choose. Meridian is loving and good natured. We proudly take her everywhere we go. When we encounter other dogs, be it in agility classes or on the street, there is a zero display of aggression. Meridian’s poise and elegance compliments a perfect red package! If you are chosen to purchase a Dagobah Doberman, count your lucky stars."