Daphne of Washington, D.C.

"Dagobah Doberman's a true godsend to prospective and seasoned dobie lovers and owners. I found Melissa while doing an internet search for Doberman breeders who were kind, sincere, loving, humane, a person with integrity and honesty. I had lost my (6th) Doberman. Yes, I'm a veteran of the breed, 1 1/2 yr. prior and I was ready for a "new fur baby" so I began my search. I knew I was going to take my time because I wanted a breeder who cared as much about her dobie's as I do mine, Melissa Rosa is that breeder. Melissa is very thorough, thoughtful, and particular about who she places her Dobie's with. She vetted me as I did her, making sure her Dobie's go to loving, caring, responsible homes. In August 2018 we bought home a red boy named Dagobah Amazing Zeus von Rice A.K.A. Zeus. Melissa will educate you about the breed if you are a first timer and if you are a veteran, like me, you can still learn something new. Dagobah Dobermans is the best breeder on "The East Coast" I recommend her to anyone thinking about purchasing these incredible, loving, silly, loyal dogs. He is my lucky #7."