Dagobah Aubrieta Elegans,CGC

Brie (8-12-06 – 3-23-18) We purchased Brie from Charismatic Dobermans in 2006. Her mother was Ebony Betelges from the internationally known Betelges Kennel in Serbia. Her grandmother was International Champion Virginia Betelges, her father was World Champion Gino Gomez Del Citone. Brie's father was Charismatic's Ladykiller aka Brody and his father was International Champion Aristo Leo Di Motta Visconti. I had gone to Charismatic Dobermans in the spring of ‘06, when they were in CT, to breed my girl, Deutzia, to Brody. While there, I met Ebony and said if they ever bred Ebony to Brody, I would be interested in a puppy. That November, Brie was shipped to me. She was one of the calmest puppies we ever had and passed that on to her daughter, Chai Latte. She has received her Longevity Certificate from the DPCA.