I have had 9 Dobermans over the years and at one point bred them, so I have experienced many different breeders. Melissa’s breeding is by far the most comprehensive and heartfelt breeding of Doberman’s I have ever experienced. She does all the screening and health testing that it is extremely important for the longevity and health of your dog. Our first meeting with the puppies cannot be explained with words, this little puff of red just would not leave us alone, and we both knew she was the one.  I have always had Dobie’s with natural ears. Selah has the best Angelic ears I have ever felt. She goes everywhere with us, and all the time we spend with her truly shows in all she has learned. To top off the whole experience, Melissa had a puppy reunion with all the new puppy owners at her home. I have NEVER experienced that kind of opportunity or support. Melissa is always there to guide us, whenever we need her. Melissa, you are a blessing. Thank you for all you do and how much you have every base covered with the wonderful breeding of your Dobermans!