Mark, Sonya, and Selah of New York

I have had 9 Dobermans over the years and at one point bred them, so I have experienced many different breeders. Melissa’s breeding is by far the most comprehensive and heartfelt breeding of Doberman’s I have ever experienced. She does all the screening and health testing that it is extremely important for the longevity and… Read More

Barbara & Gracie of New York

I have had the pleasure of having Gracie as part of my family for some time now. I have always loved Dobermans and they have been a part of my life for over forty years. In my opinion Melissa, you take great pride in your dogs, you put MANY hours of love, care and tremendous… Read More

Bonnie-Lynn Kollmann & Shiloh of New York

Over the years I have had Dobermans and known many Doberman breeders. But none like Melissa Rosa and her Dagobah Dobermans. I had recently lost my beloved Doberman Sultan and ran into Melissa Rosa shortly after.  She invited me to see her new puppies.  She told me all of her puppies were spoken for except… Read More

The Seeger Family & Milo of Connecticut

We decided to get a Doberman when we felt our children were old enough to take on some of the responsibilities of caring for a dog.  After a year of searching for a reputable breeder we found Melissa!  She patiently answered every question we had about temperament, health testing and her experience in breeding Dobermans.… Read More

Christina & Sophia of NY

I love to have any opportunity to share ALL aspects of our experience with Dagobah Dobermans because we feel so fortunate that after many months of hunting to find a Dobie advocate/lover/breeder we FINALLY found you! We spoke to so many breeders that promoted themselves and their dogs as something special and it was really… Read More

Bob & Alice of New York

My wife and I hadn’t had a dog in ten years, we were looking for a large breed whose temperament would be suitable around our grandchildren and family. When we heard about Melissa and Dagobah Dobermans we were immediately inquisitive. Melissa gave us information about the breed and confidence that her dogs had good temperaments… Read More

Dawn & Meridian of New Hampshire

My husband and I are retired. We not only had dogs our entire married life, 46 glorious years, but have had several breeds over the years. Never have we experienced a breeder as honest, conscientious, and loyal to her breed as Melissa Rosa. It is critical to be an educated buyer due to the health… Read More

Sean, Matt, Summit & Valor of New York

We would recommend Dagobah Dobermans highly for anyone looking for a canine companion that provides not only a true companionship but also a very true sense of security. Our recommendation to all potential clients is to simply be open and honest with yourself and Melissa will match you with a canine companion that you will… Read More

The McIntosh Family & Luna of New York

This is my very first experience as far as finding a good breeder. It was important to us to find the right dog from the right person. Well, hands down we made the right choice! Our Dobie, Luna, is the sweetest dog. She is great with my two kids and Melissa was wonderful in helping… Read More

Danielle of Massachusetts

You have been truly wonderful! You answered all of my questions, however big or small, which was extremely helpful. You are very knowledgeable about the art of breeding and it is obvious how much you care for your dogs and their pups. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a puppy.