Review by Dan Rossignol, owner of Ausdaüer Dog Training.

This past winter, I had the pleasure of visiting a small exclusive kennel which has developed an excellent reputation for selectively breeding the type of Dobermans that we were familiar with approximately 10-15 years ago. When I say that, I mean, Melissa Rosa of Dagobah Dobermans in Freehold, NY, has specialized with keeping her stock of healthy Dobermans, calm, confident and fun. The purpose of my visit was to evaluate Zeta, a European bred Doberman with Schutzhund lines as long as my arm. Melissa had found this dog to be a little more aloof and a little harder to train then the ones she had previously raised. She had asked for my opinion after researching my background with European Rottweillers. I proceeded to evaluate her existing pack of Dobermans, prior to spending time with Zeta. My finding was that all of her Dobermans were well trained, well mannered and all had a difference in personality which reflected Melissa’s cool, calm approach developing her stock.

With Zeta’s strong working background, Melissa found that she had to be more serious in giving out direction and commands to this dog. Zeta is a natural born Alpha leader, who enjoyed toying with Melissa’s extreme patience. Melissa and I decided to do some long lead work wiwth the dog in a corral to stop her from always going into “prey drive” when she saw something that she felt should be chased away or guarded, etc. Working on the long line assisted Zeta’s focus on the job at hand and on the person giving her the instructions. I would not hesitate to purchase any exsisting dog or puppy from this establishment. I found the facility to be immaculate, and to a fanatic dog lover like me, that’s really important. All of her dogs sleep inside her home at night, even though Melissa’s kennels are heated. Her kennels remind me of many other small, but excellent breeders I have met throughout the United States – the kind who are more interested in keeping the standard of the breed to what it should be rather than just building a cash flow machine! There are fewer and fewer of us around these days that care more for the canine than our bottom lines.

I would encourage the serious working dog lover to make an appointment and take a drive to Dagobah Kennels and see for themselves how balanced, good working Dobermans do behave. Your experience will be worthwhile and will assist you in making a decision if you have what it takes to raise a working dog! Dagobah Kennels is located a little south of New York’s capital region at 9525 Rt. 32, Freehold, New York. If you call there at (518) 634-7384, be sure to tell Melissa that you heard about her fine kennel from Dan at Ausdaüer Dog Training!