We have had Dobermans for over 40 years, in our home and in our lives. We have raised our 4 children around our dogs. We have enjoyed hiking and camping with our dogs over the years. We were involved with 4-H for over 25 years with our dogs. We have participated in obedience, rally, agility, tracking, therapy visits, dog walks to raise money for local shelters and many other 4-H dog activities.

We are not big breeders and may only have one litter a year. We OFA for hip dysplasia, test for vonWillebrands (vWD), thyroid, Canine Cardio BNP and further Cardio testing on our breeding dogs. We have participated in the ProjectDog for DVDob (Dings) in the breed. We have no “Z” factor (albino/white) in our lines or Wobbler’s Syndrome. There is no absolute guarantee but we do as much as we possibly can to assure our next generation will be healthy. This has taken many years of careful health testing and breeding. Our niece is a veterinarian, she keeps us up to date on all that we need to do to keep our dogs healthy.

We are committed to maintain communication with everyone who has purchased a puppy from us. We want to share our years of experience to new owners regarding health, training, ear posting or any concerns that may come up for the life of the dog. To keep in touch with our puppies, we have arranged puppy reunions, play dates, dog walks and training sessions either for groups or individuals. We offer boarding for our “family” of Dobermans. We enjoy having our pups come back to stay with us. Our kennel has six inside pens with in and out doors so that the dogs can go outside as often as they like. The runs are covered and open into large play yards. The kennel is heated for winter boarding.

We love this breed for its versatility, loyalty, athletic ability, intelligence, temperament and even for the image of the “protection dog”.