Ceili (7-12- 17) is an important part of our  program. Both of her parents have had extensive health testing and are products of outcrossing. Ceili’s father is GCH Bellnhan’s Wannabe Irish, WAC, RN. (10-18- 09). He is OFA – Good, Thyroid – normal, vWD – Clear, OFA – Cardio – normal, Kidney and Liver function tested – normal in 1-18. Ceili’s mother is Goldgrove Saraswati v Tolivar, aka Say.  She is OFA – excellent, Thyroid – normal, vWD – carrier, Echocardiogram and Holter tested – normal, Kidney and Liver Function – normal and DNA tested for DVdob – normal. Ceili is vWD – clear,  OFA – Good, Thyroid panel – normal, Cardio BNP – normal, DNA tested for DVDob – normal, Echocardiogram – normal and 24 Hour Holter – normal.

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